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Reconstituting Memory

Deriv­ing Solace through Ther­a­peu­tic Pho­tog­ra­phy Intro­duc­tion How can day­dreams, the place of refuge and cre­ativ­i­ty, turn against us, becom­ing halls of hor­rors that con­sume and drag the self into self-loathing and depres­sion? What are the root caus­es of these changes and how can artis­tic prac­tice be used to repair the injured mind? What is mem­o­ry? […]

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Need to write a creative brief?

Bel­low are guide­lines for any­one wish­ing to write the per­fect cre­ative brief. When engag­ing in a new project we want to get the ball rolling quick­ly, lay­out expec­ta­tions ear­ly and agree time-scales and bud­gets. 

Remov­ing ifs, buts and maybes from the process great­ly increas­es the chances of the design­er sur­pass­ing the clien­t’s expec­ta­tions and the devel­op­ment of a last­ing rela­tion­ship. 


Opinion Photography

I really like the iPhone camera

It’s a lit­tle con­trasty, noisy, tight on the megapix­els etc but it is real­ly easy to use and takes crack­ing pho­tos

Inspiration Opinion

Inspiration: 60+ Vintage Automobile Ads | Psdtuts+

GMC Poster from 1937

A real­ly nice com­pi­la­tion of 60+ Vin­tage Auto­mo­bile Ads | Psd­tuts+ I was going to right an essay on how we have become so risk averse when it comes to typog­ra­phy and design. How the over empha­sis on tools has moved is away from the crafts­man­ship of good typog­ra­phy, illus­tra­tion and design. Then I read the copy on the ad below, wow we have come along way.

Or have we? As I explore what it is to be the father to twin girls, I am over­whelmed by the cul­tur­al accep­tance of the pinki­fi­ca­tion of girls and the poor role mod­els they are exposed to on a dai­ly basis. It was refresh­ing while back in Cal­i­for­nia to be able to by clothes that are col­ors oth­er then pink, we don’t have a choice here in North­ern Ire­land it’s pink and or sequinned bim­bo princess.

If an ad like this one was pub­lished today I am sure their would be mild uproar until the next episode of Xfac­tor starts.

1968 Dodge advertisement


Stop! when your ready, halt — bring to an standstill

Design­ers every­where know that their clients would think this video was so cute but nev­er con­nect with the prob­lem. Found here at Font­blog


iPod touch misses out on “The Social”

What is it? What is this thing that I enjoy about the iPod Nano that is absolute­ly miss­ing from the iPod Touch?

Walk­ing down the street in the cold, big coat and a pair of gloves ear­ly in the morn­ing on the way to work is a sen­sa­tion great­ly improved by an iPod. I can’t hear it; the traf­fic is too loud, it’s too loud the traf­fic is gone, damn I hate this song, where is the Pod­cast I want­ed to lis­ten too. Effort­less trans­ac­tions on an iPod Nano move my hand over the wheel and the aur­al world changes to fit my exis­tence.

I have owned an iPod touch for well as long as they have been about. I ordered it the day it was announced. The day the pack­age arrived was like any oth­er Apple deliv­ery where the antic­i­pa­tion of the card­board box almost equals the hard­ware. When you cut the tape on an Apple deliv­ery the tape makes a clear­ly audi­ble OMFG your gonna love this F’n sh!t. San­ta aint got sh!t on an Apple box. I could write 10,000 words on the box, I’ll save you the grief.

Touch in hand “Slide to unlock” made my skin tick­le when the iPhone was first announced and weeks into own­ing the touch it is still an amaz­ing thing. Ohh what next? Safari? Youtube? Pho­tos? Cov­er flow mmm­mm cov­er flow is great though there begins the prob­lem.

Slide to unlock” stand­ing in line at the super mar­ket line, I’m next, TWIT is on and I don’t want to miss any so I bet­ter turn it off while I pack my bags. Pull the iPe­nis from the pock­et from whence it came and “Slide to unlock”. There is noth­ing nat­ur­al about his move it is new to human behav­ior and feels some­what like a teenage fum­ble. Pack my bags and get on my way only to have to stop at the mag­a­zines to “Slide to unlock” and play, doh! the inside of my thumb is touch­ing the very tiny cor­ner of the screen and play wont work, bet­ter try spi­der fin­gers DOH still doesn’t work. Two hands for begin­ners, put my shop­ping down so I can get back to Scott Bourne be over polite about Apple stock and how Green Peace is off their heads ( I think they were proven right SB ).

Walk out­side down the path, strug­gling to hear what Leo is say­ing about the Black­ber­ry 8800 and why he loves it ( I have one I love it ), trucks and busses are going by and I have to stop, put down my shop­ping and “Slide to F’n unlock” so I can turn it F€ck I am deff, I cant hear it!, F FF FFF my ears are F’n whistling like a bas­tard cat on the pull. Luck­i­ly at that moment a woman with a six week old baby was pass­ing and I asked if I could bor­row her child’s fin­ger to adjust the iPod Touch’s vol­ume con­trol. Also I for­got to pause it can I use your kids fin­gers again to wind back as my lit­tle fin­ger (pinky for the Amer­i­cans) is a minute, sev­en­teen sec­onds wide.

Before the iPod touch life was easy, with a click wheel all this hap­pened in my pock­et, turn up, turn on, wind back or skip the Nano / Clas­sic is a supe­ri­or audio expe­ri­ence. I real­ly wish there was an invis­i­bly click wheel on the touch and for some very obvi­ous rea­son it feels like it is miss­ing from the new iPod.

Sit­ting at home infront of the fire, watch­ing TV the iPod touch is the best inter­net device ever cre­at­ed, noth­ing comes close. “hey check this out” is sim­ple with a touch and makes the 12” iBook feel like you are pass­ing Noah’s arc to your part­ner. The gri­mace with the sheer incon­ve­nience “Email it to me I’ll look at it lat­er”. The inter­net is great on this thing even for just see­ing what is on TV it’s bet­ter then CEFAX. Safari is at it’s best here as are the mul­ti-touch fea­tures of the device. The inter­net is total­ly flu­id and real­ly usable.

Mul­ti-touch is bril­liant, noth­ing like it. I keep touch­ing the screen on my Black­ber­ry 8800 and it real­ly piss­es me off that noth­ing hap­pens. There is some­thing great about flick­ing through pho­tos on the touch when you get it but that is where it stops. It was only when I was play­ing with my friend Christian’s new iPhone that I real­ized what it was that was miss­ing from this device and why it is that I don’t put pic­tures on the iPod touch.

The iPhone has speak­ers, I can share a video / song / pod­cast / pho­to etc. I cant do that on the touch. The iPhone is social the touch is a lon­er and for that rea­son will be a once ran and will not be around for very long.

That said it still beats the pants off any non-Apple music play­er on the plan­et and is by far the coolest gad­get I have ever owned.


Understanding the Need for Multiples

No mat­ter how hard you try and pre­vent it life always gets in the way of mak­ing your own art, in fact it feels so long since I have paint­ed that I am almost ashamed to call it art. I look for­ward threw my to-do lists in my account and I can see the halo of paint­ing time ahead. I have enough expe­ri­ence to know that find­ing the time to paint is much eas­i­er then fig­ur­ing out what it is I want to paint.

I am not sure I will ever be the type of artist who will want to explore the land of mul­ti­ples. I don’t envy the artist who decides to sit and paint twen­ty can­vas­es of sun­flow­ers. I tried it when I did a series of clouds paint­ings, and still feel the first three were the strongest. The oth­er ten were an exer­cise in con­fir­ma­tion of that feel­ing. Whether I am paint­ing or design­ing dig­i­tal­ly, so much time has gone into the thought process before the work has begun that the oth­er iter­a­tions of the work have already been explored.

The excep­tion to this is draw­ing, I can sit and sketch the same per­son for hours and then go off and do a100 sketch­es based on what I have learned. I won­der if there is some­thing I am miss­ing about work­ing in col­or that makes me have a dif­fer­ent frame of mind.


My iMac G5 And The Big Switcheru.

After a week of sit­ting in the win­dow wait­ing for the TNT deliv­ery van and hum­ming ACDC, my arrived. Now I had to of of the and them on as I think that is a bit geeky, but I have to tell you the open­ing cer­e­mo­ny was great fun it all took about a minute and I was plugged in and ready to go. Set up was a breeze and I was able to mount my dead as a tar­get disk and res­cue my files. Relief!

I have to say to any­one who is think­ing about mov­ing from a to a or even just get­ting an Mac to com­pli­ment your com­ple­ment of com­put­er parts. Do it! you will not be dis­ap­point­ed. Get­ting used to takes very lit­tle time and you will very quick­ly find your­self won­der­ing why does not imple­ment the same uni­fied menu sys­tem. The is very cool to play with and you will prob­a­bly do the same thing as me, make it as small as pos­si­ble and turn off mag­ni­fi­ca­tion, until a PC using friend comes by and you want to show off.

The heav­i­ly flout­ed is more use­ful then I thought it would be but I only use post-its and to do lists. As it sits my iMac has 512mb of ram, which is what it came with and it is not enough to real­ly take advan­tage of dash­board as it’s hog. I will be order­ing anoth­er gig asap. For most uses it’s a won­der­ful­ly qui­et machine but as soon as it gets under a lit­tle bit of strain the fans kick off and it gets loud­er but still nowhere near a reg­u­lar PC.

I am in love with , I know it’s avail­able for but I had nev­er played with it. Music is fun again and rip­ping CDs is sooo easy. Being able to switch from to and is great and did I men­tion easy. It is when lis­ten­ing to music or watch­ing a DVD that you realise how good the sound is on an iMac.