Nested in the mountains of Galicia, the parish of Loña Del Monte hides itself neatly from the road. This small agricultural village is located 30 km outside of the city of Orense. Its population balloons in late summer as its diaspora returns from across the world to celebrate the festival of the Virgin, only to shrink again for the long winter.

According to Luis and Cesáreo, whose lives have bookended in Loña: “Deep into the mountains above the parish of Loña del Monte a couple of villagers made a discovery in the undergrowth, a stone carved statue of the Virgin. As the statue had been found between the hamlets of Villouriz and Souto there was some debate as to where it should be erected. In order to decide which of the two hamlets should have possession of the statue the locals placed a wager. A bull from each hamlet was brought to a field to compete in a tug of war. Villouriz was victorious yet the statue was carried to the chapel at the top of the mountain, where it would be shared by all six of the hamlets in the parish.” 


8 responses to “Could I be burried here?”

  1. JimFitz Avatar

    This. These. Spectacular is too limiting. Why does this whole thing resonate so thoroughly? Genius? That must be it!

    1. conann Avatar

      I’m so glad you got to like it 🙂

  2. it works — - — great shots and great use of the surrounding white space to bring each one out.

    1. conann Avatar

      Thank you Dan, I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. Chris vdL Avatar
    Chris vdL

    Superb Conann. I see something new each time I look at them. My bad eye or your skillful camera work. I suspect both🫣

    1. conann Avatar

      Thank you Chris! 

  4. This is a foggy day with this great shots. Anita 

    1. conann Avatar

      Thank you!

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