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  • Lentamente El Camino Me Mata

    Lentamente El Camino Me Mata

    The moment between before and after Years of slowly allowing myself to be outpaced by life’s events and drowning myself in work, to buoy my crumbling id had stopped working. The crash that followed seemed sudden, but had been years in the making.  This body of work takes place in what could be described as; a…

  • Orpheus


    Creative destruction Before the building of the new Ulster University’s Belfast Campus could take place, a sacrifice had to be made to the building goods. Opheus, the prior home to Belfast School of art was a great source of nostalgia to the school’s staff and alumni whose solf protestations where hard to miss in the…

  • Campo de Feira

    Campo de Feira

    On the 7th and 17th of each month (except if one coincides on Sunday, which would be Monday) a fair is held in Ourense, so at noon it is advisable to make a pilgrimage to the Fair Ground (located next to the Hot Springs). A Chavasqueira to try one of the oldest and most established…

  • Other Work

    Other Work

    Over the past thirty years or so I have had the opportunity to work in a odd, unfocused manner while bouncing around the four corners of the creative industries and the world. Below are some of my favorite pieces from oil paintings to graphic design with the occasional caricature. 

  • Entrances


    Visual communication in its most basic form, the entrance is a sign indicating the probable presence or occurrence of something else. More than a point of entry, the entrance connotes the extension of a boundary, its possession as well as the creator’s sense of purpose, resources, creativity and relationship with their community “In the matter…

  • Street Photography

    Street Photography

    The best camera in the world is the one you have with you when the occasion to make a photograph reveals itself. Going for a dander with a camera encourages exploration, experimentation, observation, and anticipation for what might unfold. While most of what I consider my photographic work is very slow and concidered, street photography…

  • Environmental Photography

    Environmental Photography

    Like street photography the process of exploration, of going for a dander with a camera to encourage exploration, experimentation, observation, and anticipation for what might unfold only missing that human element that defines so much street photography. It is about the space, open or enclosed and how the elements rhyme. In many ways it says…

  • Loña Do Monte