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  • You will always have your notebooks.

    You will always have your notebooks.

    For some reason I keep seeing ads for the Remarkable tablet. While that appeals to my inner consumer geek, the price is equivalent to about twenty premium leather bound notebooks and a lifetime supply of pens. From the palm pilot on there has be great promises of inner peace and the zen of organization. All…

  • What does it mean? It’s a frightening tree, but why?

    What does it mean? It’s a frightening tree, but why?

    While we were in the woods to photograph Genaro’s tree another one was tugging on my sleeve, seeking attention, though apparently invisible to my present company who were deep in discussion about times gone past. From my vantage point this new tree was obscured, though its branches stretched overhead, longer and more angular than those…

  • Reconstituting Memory

    Reconstituting Memory

    Deriving Solace through Therapeutic Photography Introduction How can daydreams, the place of refuge and creativity, turn against us, becoming halls of horrors that consume and drag the self into self-loathing and depression? What are the root causes of these changes and how can artistic practice be used to repair the injured mind? What is memory?…

  • The Leprachaun

    The Leprachaun

    The thought of artistic inheritance goes way back in our family. My great-grandfather Thomas Fitzpatrick ran and illustrated a publication called “The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly”. For the publication of the book “Thomas Fitzpatrick and ‘The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly‘, 1905–1915″ the authors asked Dad and I to get involved. For this, Dad wrote the introduction and…

  • Plan


    Original Post from 2011 When working with new teams it should be assumed that participants have little or no experience with project management and task delegation within a team environment. A brief introduction to agile and scrum systems is beneficial. Each of the new teams takes time to familiarise themselves with their final concept and…

  • Playing with some HP5 and Tri-X

    Playing with some HP5 and Tri-X

    Over the past few months I’ve been using film again, after about fifteen years of being solely digital in most of my image making. A few months ago I was reunited with the Nikon FM that I learned on and caught the film bug again. That said, I was never much of a fan of…

  • Enjoying Film.

    Enjoying Film.

    It was a cold wet January in Ourense, Spain, but it was still absolutely beautiful. It never seems to get that cold but boy did it rain. And rain. And rain. Nonstop for days. Wandering around the town with an umbrella was nice. The rain was warm, the mood was good and the atmosphere in…

  • Orense, Spain

    Orense, Spain

    Heading home After a much needed break from work and life back at home it was time to go home. While giving Estrella some time to say Adios to her Familia, I took another opportunity to wander around the train station and get a few more pix.  Just back from a few amazing days in…

  • Kids & the Sigma 50mm F/1.4 DG HSM EX lens

    Kids & the Sigma 50mm F/1.4 DG HSM EX lens

    Seven. For me this is about the time you want to let your kids know that they have complete control over how they look in photos. They can always feel awkward, shy, uncomfortable, But they can make it look they way they want. Confidence is an illusion.  On another point purely technical and photographic. I…

  • First Snow Traffic in Belfast

    First Snow Traffic in Belfast

  • Harry Harry

    Harry Harry

  • Wandering around Dublin at the end of summer.

    Wandering around Dublin at the end of summer.

    Never to be accused of being last minute about anything. I was back home in Dublin in August waiting on my passport which I needed to travel to Spain the next day. These images are all from Grafton Street. Wandering around town (Dublin City Centre) or anywhere, for that matter, with a camera is great fun. Especially…

  • A grand day out

    A grand day out

    The thought of going on a road trip with your seven year old kid, where there is just the two of you is amazing. No distractions. Lots of chat and an vain attempt at getting lost on this very small Island. Ended up visiting the folks.