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  • What does it mean? It’s a frightening tree, but why?

    What does it mean? It’s a frightening tree, but why?

    While we were in the woods to photograph Genaro’s tree another one was tugging on my sleeve, seeking attention, though apparently invisible to my present company who were deep in discussion about times gone past. From my vantage point this new tree was obscured, though its branches stretched overhead, longer and more angular than those…

  • Immersive Photographic Realities

    Immersive Photographic Realities

    Since its inception photography has been tasked with the preservation of our collective human memory. Whether through the recording of historic, current and life events or the artistic works that create a collective expression of the human experience, photography as a form of image making has been unique in its connection with reality or truth.…

  • Nadav Kander

    Nadav Kander

  • David Hockney

    David Hockney

  • Joel Meyerowitz

    Joel Meyerowitz

  • William Eggleston

    William Eggleston

  • Stephen Shore

    Stephen Shore

  • Robert Frank – The Americans

    Robert Frank – The Americans

    ‘Americans’: The Book That Changed Photography    

  • Julie Blackmon

    Julie Blackmon

  • Paul Graham

    Paul Graham

    Note 32min. Listen again on day for night/night for day photography

  • Andreas Gursky

    Andreas Gursky

    Images are best viewed on the original website where their full texture and depth can be viewed in a higher resolution. The flattened, graphic nature of the images definitely resinates with my aesthetic, years of working and lecturing as a designer have certainly had an impact on how I see and graphic shapes and textures…

  • Sonia Falcone

    Sonia Falcone

  • Francis Alÿs

    Francis Alÿs

    As a graphic, this one really appeals to me. On the other hand it is 25 minutes of my life I will never get back. Well more like 6, but still.