Inspiration: 60+ Vintage Automobile Ads | Psdtuts+

A really nice compilation of 60+ Vintage Automobile Ads | Psdtuts+ I was going to right an essay on how we have become so risk averse when it comes to typography and design. How the over emphasis on tools has moved is away from the craftsmanship of good typography, illustration and design. Then I read the copy on the ad below, wow we have come along way.

Or have we? As I explore what it is to be the father to twin girls, I am overwhelmed by the cultural acceptance of the pinkification of girls and the poor role models they are exposed to on a daily basis. It was refreshing while back in California to be able to by clothes that are colors other then pink, we don’t have a choice here in Northern Ireland it’s pink and or sequinned bimbo princess.

If an ad like this one was published today I am sure their would be mild uproar until the next episode of Xfactor starts.

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