My iMac G5 And The Big Switcheru.

After a week of sitting in the window waiting for the TNT delivery van and humming ACDC, my arrived. Now I had to of of the and them on as I think that is a bit geeky, but I have to tell you the opening ceremony was great fun it all took about a minute and I was plugged in and ready to go. Set up was a breeze and I was able to mount my dead as a target disk and rescue my files. Relief!

I have to say to anyone who is thinking about moving from a to a or even just getting an Mac to compliment your complement of computer parts. Do it! you will not be disappointed. Getting used to takes very little time and you will very quickly find yourself wondering why does not implement the same unified menu system. The is very cool to play with and you will probably do the same thing as me, make it as small as possible and turn off magnification, until a PC using friend comes by and you want to show off.

The heavily flouted is more useful then I thought it would be but I only use post-its and to do lists. As it sits my iMac has 512mb of ram, which is what it came with and it is not enough to really take advantage of dashboard as it’s hog. I will be ordering another gig asap. For most uses it’s a wonderfully quiet machine but as soon as it gets under a little bit of strain the fans kick off and it gets louder but still nowhere near a regular PC.

I am in love with , I know it’s available for but I had never played with it. Music is fun again and ripping CDs is sooo easy. Being able to switch from to and is great and did I mention easy. It is when listening to music or watching a DVD that you realise how good the sound is on an iMac.