Need to write a creative brief?

Bellow are guidelines for anyone wishing to write the perfect creative brief. When engaging in a new project we want to get the ball rolling quickly, layout expectations early and agree time-scales and budgets. 

Removing ifs, buts and maybes from the process greatly increases the chances of the designer surpassing the client’s expectations and the development of a lasting relationship. 

Feedback is welcome and will be considered for addition to this document, which is pulled together from a range of sources and personal notes. Please forgive the lack of citation/credit. Sources will be updated in future.

The Creative Brief

Don’t let the question predict and/or hide the answer. It is very important when creating a brief for a creative project not to be overly prescriptive as it will limit the possible creative outcomes. Trust the team and the creative process to deliver unexpected results that fill your requirements.


  • What your organisation does?
  • What your niche market is?
  • How you fit in your industry sector?
  • General project information?
  • Aims & Objectives?
  • Desired Deliverables?


Detail on desired target market, including demographic information where possible.

  • Choose a typical audience member or group and profile including; occupation, age range, gender, what their day looks like etc.
  • How will they use your product?
  • What do the audiences believe or think?

Messages, Features, Benefits and Values.

  • List top desired (these may include must have/mission critical) features and/or facts about the product and its value to target audiences.
  • Who is the competition?
  • How should this product stack up against the opposition?
  • What is the primary message?

Budget and Schedule

  • Has the budget been approved?
  • Is establishing the budget part of the brief?
  • What is the product release date?
  • Are there specific milestones that need to be achieved?
  • What is the due date for the finished project?


  • Who is the primary contact for the project.
  • What content will you be providing? logos, style guides, measurements.
  • What are the internal review and approval processes.
  • Who will sign off on the final design.
  • How many revisions are expected? (unlimited is not an option)
  • What format will the final design need to fill.

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