Category: Creative Thinking Tools

  • Matrix Chart

    A Matrix Chart can be created to help decision making and also to clarify concepts after a brainstorming session. It is very similar to a Morphological chart, however more casual in its structure. It can also be used as a starting point for creating ideas. Several Matrices may be used together to create a plan […]

  • Chart Options

    When creating a chart of options a form of brainstorming will occur for each decision area maximising the options These options are at this stage independent to each other To create solutions

  • Options Graph

    The options graph illustrates the various ideas and their working combinations. The solutions. Rather than outlining the solutions, lines are used to connect the ideas that are most unlikely, due to cost, functionality, weight, surface finish etc. This is because there are normally a greater number of possible solutions than impossibilities to any problem.At a […]

  • Creative Thinking Assistance

    Creative Space Some people find it effective to have their own creative space. This may be a layout of a room in which they have music playing in the background. It could also be with respect to a certain layout of items on any work surface that they are familiar with, which helps them feel […]

  • Expression Form

    Expressive Forms can be described as product sculpture and are closely associated with the study of styling. In order to gain a better comprehension on form a simple task has been set. Your task is to select two descriptors which include gender and and 2 attributes from the list below. You must then through the […]

  • Need to write a creative brief?

    Bellow are guidelines for anyone wishing to write the perfect creative brief. When engaging in a new project we want to get the ball rolling quickly, layout expectations early and agree time-scales and budgets. 

    Removing ifs, buts and maybes from the process greatly increases the chances of the designer surpassing the client’s expectations and the development of a lasting relationship. 


  • Fantastic Design Tools These tools are great for the democratisation of design and for speeding up the communication of good ideas before they are lost to muddling over iconography and proportion. First on my list will be the iPad kit. Not that I have an iPad but I like the idea of using an iPadPad for every day […]