Expression Form

Expressive Forms can be described as product sculpture and are closely associated with the study of styling. In order to gain a better comprehension on form a simple task has been set.

Your task is to select two descriptors which include gender and and 2 attributes from the list below. You must then through the use of form, balance and colour create a design which echoes this combination of descriptions.


  • Male
  • Female


  • Speed
  • aggressive
  • solid
  • spindly
  • passive
  • assertive
  • friendly
  • fun
  • conservative
  • tacky
  • quality
  • sophisticated
  • gentle
  • relaxed
  • flowing

You must model the shape within a space envelope of 50mm x 71mm x 100mm.

Consider the use of the following to help communicate your theme.

  • Convex, concave or flat surface
  • Lines or curves indented or extruded from the surface
  • Balance and centre of gravity
  • Motion, dynamic and stance
  • Surface texture and colour
  • Layered geometry or apertures, which change the apparent weight or balance of the object.

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