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  • Could I Be Buried Here?

    Could I Be Buried Here?

    You watch your life unfold before you from start to finish, would you change anything? Worn out, after a thirty-year career as a migrant artist in animation, design and academia, I moved to Spain with my wife to recuperate and reflect on the events that had led to this moment. Nested in the mountains of…

  • Reconstituting Memory

    Reconstituting Memory

    Deriving Solace through Therapeutic Photography Introduction How can daydreams, the place of refuge and creativity, turn against us, becoming halls of horrors that consume and drag the self into self-loathing and depression? What are the root causes of these changes and how can artistic practice be used to repair the injured mind? What is memory?…

  • Immersive Photographic Realities

    Immersive Photographic Realities

    Since its inception photography has been tasked with the preservation of our collective human memory. Whether through the recording of historic, current and life events or the artistic works that create a collective expression of the human experience, photography as a form of image making has been unique in its connection with reality or truth.…

  • The Daughters of Holy Mary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    The Daughters of Holy Mary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Watching events unfold while out for a walk with our baby in his pram led to a slight sprint as I saw this group of nuns walking down the hill from the direction of Plaza Maior toward Rua de Progresso. The color of their robes reminded me of the canopies outside the cafe La Coruñesa…

  • Universal man

    Universal man

    As I was passing the cathedral there was a few groups of men chatting and waiting for it to open, while this guy was sitting alone with just his thoughts. He could have been anywhere across Europe at anytime over the last 100+ years appearing in every black and white photography book ever made, but…

  • Estación Termal As Burgas

    Estación Termal As Burgas

    Orense’s hot springs flow at over 60C (140F), these public baths occupy the site of a Roman settlement “Aquis Aurienses”(Golden waters) from which the province gets its name.

  • Nadav Kander

    Nadav Kander

  • David Hockney

    David Hockney

  • Joel Meyerowitz

    Joel Meyerowitz

  • William Eggleston

    William Eggleston

  • Stephen Shore

    Stephen Shore

  • The Leprachaun

    The Leprachaun

    The thought of artistic inheritance goes way back in our family. My great-grandfather Thomas Fitzpatrick ran and illustrated a publication called “The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly”. For the publication of the book “Thomas Fitzpatrick and ‘The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly‘, 1905–1915″ the authors asked Dad and I to get involved. For this, Dad wrote the introduction and…

  • Off the Highway

    Off the Highway

    No Gate Being a student again is awesome. It’s been ten fast years since completing my design degree @ulsteruni. Now I’m doing my best to make it through a masters. MFA Photography, also at Ulster University is a world apart from previous experiences. As an artist in film I worked creatively on components of another’s…