Category: Family

  • Last light

    Last light

    As the dead rest their heels the sound of kids screaming and laughing can be heard over the drone of SpongeBob SquarePants’ bouncy castle air pump.

  • Watching the dog fetch a ball in El Río Tea

    Watching the dog fetch a ball in El Río Tea

    Saturday photowalk with my son, exploring the rivers that pass through Ponteareas. It’s very easy to take the clean waters of Galicia for granted but they are remarkable when compared to the filth of 1970s Irish waters of my childhood.

  • A grand day out

    A grand day out

    The thought of going on a road trip with your seven year old kid, where there is just the two of you is amazing. No distractions. Lots of chat and an vain attempt at getting lost on this very small Island. Ended up visiting the folks. 

  • Moon Hat

    A colander is as good a space helmet as it’s ever been. Though she tells me she wears it to stop the man from stealing her ideas.