• Stephen Shore

    Stephen Shore

  • The Leprachaun

    The Leprachaun

    The thought of artistic inheritance goes way back in our family. My great-grandfather Thomas Fitzpatrick ran and illustrated a publication called “The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly”. For the publication of the book “Thomas Fitzpatrick and ‘The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly‘, 1905–1915″ the authors asked Dad and I to get involved. For this, Dad wrote the introduction and…

  • Off the Highway

    Off the Highway

    No Gate Being a student again is awesome. It’s been ten fast years since completing my design degree @ulsteruni. Now I’m doing my best to make it through a masters. MFA Photography, also at Ulster University is a world apart from previous experiences. As an artist in film I worked creatively on components of another’s…

  • Under Bridge Dwellings, Ourense.

    Under Bridge Dwellings, Ourense.

    I love black and white but some images just work better in colour. In this case I still like the black and white enough to keep it here. 

  • Millennium Bridge Ourense

    Millennium Bridge Ourense

  • Robert Frank – The Americans

    Robert Frank – The Americans

    ‘Americans’: The Book That Changed Photography http://www.npr.org/2009/02/13/100688154/americans-the-book-that-changed-photography http://classes.dma.ucla.edu/Summer12/160-1/files/A1-RobertFrank-Slideshow.pdf http://classes.dma.ucla.edu/Summer12/160-1/files/A1-RobertFrank-Reading.pdf https://oscarenfotos.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/robert_frank_-_the_americans.pdf http://www.steidlville.com/pictures/pdf/Steidl_Frank_Catalogue_A4.pdf    

  • Return: In Car

    Return: In Car

     The images below are diaristic experimentations from each of the journeys, within which I pickup the kids from early October through the end of November. 

  • Julie Blackmon

    Julie Blackmon


  • Paul Graham

    Paul Graham

    Note 32min. Listen again on day for night/night for day photography

  • Andreas Gursky

    Andreas Gursky

    Images are best viewed on the original website where their full texture and depth can be viewed in a higher resolution. The flattened, graphic nature of the images definitely resinates with my aesthetic, years of working and lecturing as a designer have certainly had an impact on how I see and graphic shapes and textures…

  • Sonia Falcone

    Sonia Falcone

  • Francis Alÿs

    Francis Alÿs

    As a graphic, this one really appeals to me. On the other hand it is 25 minutes of my life I will never get back. Well more like 6, but still. 

  • Sketchbook/Notebook methodology

    Sketchbook/Notebook methodology

    Sketchbooks and notebooks are one and the same when you are an artist. Sketches are notes and notes illustrations of moments of inspiration and enquiry.  The most important part of any system is to stay out of the way of creativity and spark that lights our fire. Pages of drawings can be free conventions unless…

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