Fun in Malin Head

Hal­loween week­end we all head­ed up to Malin Head for a lit­tle sight see­ing and a few laughs. We had a vis­i­tor over from Spain and thought it would be a good idea to show off a lit­tle of the coun­try. Though explain­ing how we were going to dri­ve head north out of the North […]

A grand day out

The thought of going on a road trip with your sev­en year old kid, where there is just the two of you is amaz­ing. No dis­trac­tions. Lots of chat and an vain attempt at get­ting lost on this very small Island. End­ed up vis­it­ing the folks. 

No More Managers. Everyone Leads

An engi­neer­ing researcher was clair­voy­ant when he said in 1994 that sub­or­di­nates often make the best lead­ers: Often with small groups, it is not the man­ag­er who emerges as the leader. In many cas­es it is a sub­or­di­nate mem­ber with spe­cif­ic tal­ents who leads the group in a cer­tain direc­tion. Lead­ers must let vision, strate­gies, […]