• Complex problems require simple, clear and honest solutions.
  • Successful solutions will move people by satisfying their needs, giving meaning to their lives and raising their hopes and expectations. 
  • Exceptional problems demand exceptional solutions that may be radical and even disruptive.
  • Effective solutions will be collaborative, inclusive and developed with the people who use them. 
  • No solution should be developed or delivered in isolation but should instead recognise the social, physical and information systems it is part of.
  • Every solution needs to be a robust, responsible and designed with regard to its long-term impact the environment and society. 


  • Good design is innovative
  • Good design makes a product useful
  • Good design is aesthetic
  • Good design makes a product understandable
  • Good design is unobtrusive
  • Good design is honest
  • Good design is long-lasting
  • Good design is thorough down to the last detail
  • Good design is environmentally friendly
  • Good design is as little design as possible

*Dieter Rams, Ten principles for good design

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