Fun in Malin Head

Halloween weekend we all headed up to Malin Head for a little sight seeing and a few laughs. We had a visitor over from Spain and thought it would be a good idea to show off a little of the country. Though explaining how we were going to drive head north out of the North to the most northerly part of the south without entering into an odd history of politics was difficult.

The sun was out and Banba’s Crown looked beautiful, but this is the most northerly part of the island and the wind was baltic. Standing straight was difficult enough, but then I thought it would be good for the girls and I to play a little game. It goes something like this. Stand facing the wind. Bare your teeth as far as you can while facing into the freezing cold wind. First to flinch loses. 

Heyzus, the pain was unbelievable. We felt like our teeth were going to shatter as our heads were squeezed with the pain. That combined with the near suffocation as our breath was blown from our lungs. Good crack as we say. We laughed hard and I was impressed with the girls for being such good sports. 

The abandoned buildings are more interesting than the view when you are a kid. Especially when it is freezing cold outside and you have refused to wear your sensible school coat. 

There is a one eyed teddybear above the Monster logo. 

 Thanks to Estrella for taking the pictures of the kids and I. 
Thanks to Estrella for taking the pictures of the kids and I. 

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