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GMC Poster from 1937

A real­ly nice com­pi­la­tion of 60+ Vin­tage Auto­mo­bile Ads | Psd­tuts+ I was going to right an essay on how we have become so risk averse when it comes to typog­ra­phy and design. How the over empha­sis on tools has moved is away from the crafts­man­ship of good typog­ra­phy, illus­tra­tion and design. Then I read the copy on the ad below, wow we have come along way.

Or have we? As I explore what it is to be the father to twin girls, I am over­whelmed by the cul­tur­al accep­tance of the pinki­fi­ca­tion of girls and the poor role mod­els they are exposed to on a dai­ly basis. It was refresh­ing while back in Cal­i­for­nia to be able to by clothes that are col­ors oth­er then pink, we don’t have a choice here in North­ern Ire­land it’s pink and or sequinned bim­bo princess.

If an ad like this one was pub­lished today I am sure their would be mild uproar until the next episode of Xfac­tor starts.

1968 Dodge advertisement


Kus­taa Sak­si — Pret­ty Cool Peo­ple Inter­views from Sub­marineChan­nel on Vimeo.

Hav­ing stared at the inter­web for about six weeks won­der­ing if there could pos­si­bly be some­thing new out there of inter­est, I came across this pic­ture in my flickr con­tacts which con­tained a mag­ic link to Pret­ty Cool Peo­ple inter­views. Wow I have been mov­ing in incred­i­bly small cir­cles on the web and it is great to feel inspired again.