This method was created by Fritz Zwicky. This method comprises of many variations, but in design only the Morphological chart is used. This is a chart of many dimensions which results in a solutions matrix. This method relies on four steps

  1. The problem or brief must be formulated as concise as possible
  2. Identify all parameters which might occur as part of a solution
  3. Analyse solutions with regard to the aims and objectives of the brief
  4. The best solutions are developed and presented at the next level.

The Morphological Chart

This chart shows the various thought process of solutions for a cabinet design.


Components Store Protect Access Energy Transform
A fixed shelf open storage open none
B pull out shelves glass doors horizontal translation motor
C adjustable shelves horizontal doors dual translation hydraulic
D glass shelf vertical doors dual translation pneumatic
E turntable slath door rotation hydraulic
F rod folding door rotation muscle mechanism
G racks vertical sliding door rotation translation gravity
H drawers horizontal sliding door rotation translation upward force
I baskets none lift off support rods muscle lift

These types of matrices are most effective when combined with sketches. (A small thumb nail in each solution box)

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