VIC101 DESIGN RESEARCH AND WRITING 1 / by Conánn FitzPatrick


Each group must design and produce a visual presentation based on the lecture series.

The visual presentation can be realized in a number of ways:

  • A book
  • A film
  • A poster, or series of posters
  • A wall display
  • A t-shirt collection
  • A website
  • A projection
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Performance
  • A combination of any of the above... Etc.

The content can also be shaped in a variety of ways:

  • Covers it all
  • Focus on a specific movement
  • A specific aspect e.g. type, print publications etc.
  • A series of pertinent quotes
  • Key designers... Etc.

We would ask you to be creative, innovative and considered in your approach to this task. You must develop a strong rationale for you project and justify you choices regarding format, content, presentation delivery etc.

You should also consider your audience, who is your project for?

  • Children: what age? Where? Museum, school, indoors/outdoors? etc.
  • Prospective Viscom students: school, HE? Where? Web? Large-scale projection on school building etc.
  • Arts Centre/theatre: sculptural, posters, performance?
  • The general public: shopping Centre, City Hall, public park etc. flash mob?

Our advice is to spend as much time as you can planning and re-planning your idea. Keep it simple, design it well and take great care in the production.

You will be expected to present weekly updates on your project’s progress and you will be asked to formally pitch your idea to your peers by week 7.