Enjoying Film. / by Conánn FitzPatrick

It was a cold wet January in Ourense, Spain, but it was still absolutely beautiful. It never seems to get that cold but boy did it rain. And rain. And rain. Nonstop for days. Wandering around the town with an umbrella was nice. The rain was warm, the mood was good and the atmosphere in the city was beautiful as usual. 

Ourense, Spain.

It was only a couple of weeks since my M2 returned from Red Dot Camera and I was just trying to get used to it and had zero confidence in my ability to get any results at all. Armed with my trusty light meter app for android I wandered around snapping nervously.

Framer. Ourense, Spain.

Over the last 20 years I've become incredibly used to bouncing around in fractions of stops to get the "right" exposure with a modern Nikon or Canon DSLR. It is easy to forget how much light doesn't change. Especially when it is overcast. Film is very forgiving, even when I know I was totally winging it, the prints looked OK. The fuji film I was using created really nice contrasty tones which converted to black and white extremely well.

Fabric & Crafts. Ourense Spain

The old town part of Ourense is perfect place to walk around. The buildings and streets are lined with cafe's and interesting faces and places. 

Chestnut Roaster. Ourense, Spain

Walking around with an old Leica, with no meter is much more fun than I expected. 

Old town. Ourense Spain.