Designing my death by Conánn FitzPatrick

This time last year I was busy squirreling away on a degree in Design Communication and found myself having to "design my own death". This eventually took shape as a series of illustrations which ended in this album cover type illustration. In order to tie this all together I wrote a short description of how I came about my demise.

My Death

I reached into the dark depths of the cold water and pulled out the soft tan burlap sack, which had been thrown into the lake by two young men in white shirts riding as-new old-fashioned black bicycles. The large text in western serif font reading “Saturate before using” at the rim of the bag only added to my fear of danger. Jackson Browne’s first album was called Jackson Browne the lettering on the radiator bag was a misinterpretation by the public and remained a joke between the singer and photographer Jim Marshall, who on a trip to Joshua tree with Stephen Stills and Joni Mitchell; who sat in the back seat of the black Lincoln Cosmopolitan with suicide doors penning “Big Yellow Taxi”, had completely failed in their peyote ridden haze to get any useful photographs for the album cover.

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