Take a group photograph featuring the locations in the clues below tweet and send them to Instagram as you go with the hashtag #BSAArtHunt15 and #(yourTeamName)


  1. Area A
    1. Student Union Office
    2. Student Union
    3. Student Support Office
    4. Student Services Office
    5. The Library
      1. A book in your area of study
    6. School’s Office (Head and Associate heads of school)
    7. Mac lab
    8. Conor lecture theatre
  2. Area B
    1. Saint Anne’s Nude
    2. A red music centre with a Yello lyric Beuller’s day off
    3. Three bouys in a Park
    4. A public map and two University of Ulster signs
    5. These bikes are very near, those bikes are far away (two locations, two pictures)
    6. He served as the leader of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic from 1917
    7. Paper Building damaged by the Germans
    8. Belfast Central Library
    9. Cathedral Graphics
    10. This laneway is a gateway to many streets of seas
    11. BX graphic on red doors where photography exhibitions are held
    12. This Movie Theatre is no bag of beans
    13. There is a Post Office across the road from Snappy Snaps
  3. Area C
    1. Public Art on a Union Building
    2. A white face with blue lines in a subway
    3. A leaning clock tower and a crane with three characters
  4. Area D
    1. Four blue men only Nero would have forbidden from this planet
    2. A panorama of Belfast from a platform near Victoria’s Apple
    3. King Buffet
  5. Area E
    1. Click to Collect
    2. A dog and a woman have the same hairstyle
    3. They bake some cakes
    4. Don’t deviate, stay straight
    5. Sound as a pound, chicken
    6. Oceanic
    7. Next river island ship
    8. “I’m king of the world!”
    9. Visit Belfast
    10. A man holding a ship across from Belfast’s Big Screen
    11. Bob Dylan’s Real names can be found on this memorial to the events that happened on 15th April 1912
    12. Inside there are two flowers on its hilt
    13. A Georgian Door, beside Co Couture

© Conánn FitzPatrick 1971-2016