The Daughters of Holy Mary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Watch­ing events unfold while out for a walk with our baby in his pram led to a slight sprint as I saw this group of nuns walk­ing down the hill from the direc­tion of Plaza Maior toward Rua de Pro­gres­so. The col­or of their robes remind­ed me of the canopies out­side the cafe La Coruñe­sa which was around the cor­ner on the next street in the direc­tion they were head­ed. I was able to make this one pho­to­graph before the nuns turned into the tourist office to the left.

A few days lat­er I was able to share the pic­ture with the nuns who were amused and quite hap­py to be able to prac­tice their Eng­lish.