Andreas Gursky

Images are best viewed on the orig­i­nal web­site where their full tex­ture and depth can be viewed in a high­er res­o­lu­tion.

The flat­tened, graph­ic nature of the images def­i­nite­ly resinates with my aes­thet­ic, years of work­ing and lec­tur­ing as a design­er have cer­tain­ly had an impact on how I see and graph­ic shapes and tex­tures always turn my head or cause me to posi­tion the cam­era square to the sub­ject before when mak­ing a pic­ture. 

Not quite as dra­mat­ic as an ama­zon ful­fil­ment cen­tre or Kuwaiti stock exchange but the same tex­tur­al and graph­ic impuls­es sat­is­fied by Gursky, fuel my desire to make more sim­plis­tic com­po­si­tions. 

Images of Randalstown bridge, off the M2

Studio window series triptych

Fur­ther infor­ma­tion on these images can be found here in the post Stu­dio win­dow series