Creativity Photography

Kids & the Sigma 50mm F/1.4 DG HSM EX lens

Sev­en. For me this is about the time you want to let your kids know that they have com­plete con­trol over how they look in pho­tos. They can always feel awk­ward, shy, uncom­fort­able, But they can make it look they way they want. Con­fi­dence is an illu­sion. 

On anoth­er point pure­ly tech­ni­cal and pho­to­graph­ic. I have a love/hate rela­tion­ship with this Sig­ma 50mm F/1.4 DG HSM EX lens. There are times when I take pho­tos and I hate how hor­ri­bly out of focus it is. It front focus­es by more than my canon 6D can cor­rect for and the results are ter­ri­ble. That said if I do the right thing and take my time. I can’t imag­ine a bet­ter lens for tak­ing por­traits. Switch to man­u­al focus, rock back and for­ward a few cen­time­tres, until the eye high­lights are in focus and it’s per­fect in every way. At F/1.4 there is lots of colour shift but the results are com­plete­ly pleas­ing.