Fun in Malin Head

Hal­loween week­end we all head­ed up to Malin Head for a lit­tle sight see­ing and a few laughs. We had a vis­i­tor over from Spain and thought it would be a good idea to show off a lit­tle of the coun­try. Though explain­ing how we were going to dri­ve head north out of the North to the most norther­ly part of the south with­out enter­ing into an odd his­to­ry of pol­i­tics was dif­fi­cult.

The sun was out and Ban­ba’s Crown looked beau­ti­ful, but this is the most norther­ly part of the island and the wind was baltic. Stand­ing straight was dif­fi­cult enough, but then I thought it would be good for the girls and I to play a lit­tle game. It goes some­thing like this. Stand fac­ing the wind. Bare your teeth as far as you can while fac­ing into the freez­ing cold wind. First to flinch los­es. 

Heyzus, the pain was unbe­liev­able. We felt like our teeth were going to shat­ter as our heads were squeezed with the pain. That com­bined with the near suf­fo­ca­tion as our breath was blown from our lungs. Good crack as we say. We laughed hard and I was impressed with the girls for being such good sports. 

The aban­doned build­ings are more inter­est­ing than the view when you are a kid. Espe­cial­ly when it is freez­ing cold out­side and you have refused to wear your sen­si­ble school coat. 

There is a one eyed ted­dy­bear above the Mon­ster logo. 

 Thanks to Estrella for taking the pictures of the kids and I. 
Thanks to Estrel­la for tak­ing the pic­tures of the kids and I.