Design Thinking Management Teams

Teamwork Ground Rules

Good advice from Kristof Kovacs

There’s only three things:

  • ASK: If a task is not clear, or more infor­ma­tion is need­ed, please ask as soon as pos­si­ble. Ask­ing is always ok. Doing the wrong thing (or doing noth­ing) because you did­n’t ask is not ok.
  • DEBRIEF: It’s not done until you report­ed it done. This is often just a one-sen­tence email to me or to the client, some­times a “100%” mark in the task list, or a tick­et closed. It is done, com­plet­ed or fixed only when who­ev­er need­ed it done knows about it.
  • WARN: If a dead­line you know is impor­tant will like­ly be missed, warn me soon, as the sit­u­a­tion is evolv­ing, and then we can usu­al­ly fig­ure some­thing out. If I have to learn at the moment of the dead­line that it was missed, that’s not ok. (In mul­ti-boss sit­u­a­tions that occur fre­quent­ly in matrix organ­i­sa­tions, or if you’re a free­lancer, also warn me if your work­load is above what you can actu­al­ly do, instead of not doing cer­tain tasks.)