Design Thinking


The con­cept phase is an explo­sion of ideas shoot­ing off in almost ran­dom direc­tions. In the refine­ment phase of the cre­ative process we look for links between con­cepts, grad­u­al­ly build­ing upon what has been devel­oped and refer­ring to both the brief and reflect­ing on the inspi­ra­tions gath­ered in phase one.

The refine­ment process draws to a close with each team mem­ber giv­ing thumbs up to the con­cepts they like, nar­row­ing the field for the eval­u­a­tion process. This can be done with the sim­ple process of plac­ing a post-it note with their ini­tials on each con­cept they feel strong­ly about. There is no upper lim­it to this process, but through the process of refine­ment and reduc­tion the num­ber of con­cepts should be reduced to a man­age­able lev­el.