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Creative Space

Some peo­ple find it effec­tive to have their own cre­ative space. This may be a lay­out of a room in which they have music play­ing in the back­ground. It could also be with respect to a cer­tain lay­out of items on any work sur­face that they are famil­iar with, which helps them feel in con­trol.

Oth­ers may feel it nec­es­sary to spend some time away from the prob­lem, per­haps a walk by the beach or a form of fit­ness train­ing can cre­ate the clar­i­ty of mind to cre­ate new ideas.

Creative Posture

The way in which an indi­vid­ual sits or stands can have effect on cre­ativ­i­ty. Every­one seems to have a slight­ly dif­fer­ent pos­ture when they are at the peek of their cre­ativ­i­ty. For some it is worth remem­ber­ing this posi­tion, in order to recall it when faced with a men­tal block.

Mental Block

This is a com­mon prob­lem that is occurred with in the cre­ative world. Peo­ple have the ten­den­cy to be cre­ative for about 4 hours in any giv­en day. So it is impor­tant that when a men­tal block occurs that the indi­vid­ual has the ini­tia­tive to move on to some thing new. Per­haps make an updat­ed pre­sen­ta­tion of new ideas, maybe attempt a dif­fer­ent prob­lem, cre­ativ­i­ty method or alter­na­tive project, but most impor­tant­ly know when to take a well timed, clean break from the prob­lem.