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Attribute listing

Attribute List­ing could work well with the SCAMPER method, where destruc­tion meth­ods are used to brain­storm. It needs an ideas gen­er­a­tion method to com­pli­ment it.

It com­pris­es of the break­ing down of a prob­lem into small­er and small­er pieces and then see­ing what is dis­cov­ered as this is done. It is relat­ed to Mor­phol­o­gy. It is a method that seems to be best for qual­i­ty improve­ment for com­plex prob­lems.

It allows the design­er to dis­cov­er if all ele­ments have been inves­ti­gat­ed.

A sim­ple exam­ple is that of a torch re design:




Cas­ing Plas­tic Met­al
Switch on/off on/off low beam
Bat­tery Pow­er Rechar­gable
Bulb Glass Plas­tic
Weight Heavy Light

It allows focus to begin on one or two specifics before gen­er­at­ing an ocean of ideas.