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This method was cre­at­ed by Fritz Zwicky. This method com­pris­es of many vari­a­tions, but in design only the Mor­pho­log­i­cal chart is used. This is a chart of many dimen­sions which results in a solu­tions matrix. This method relies on four steps

  1. The prob­lem or brief must be for­mu­lat­ed as con­cise as pos­si­ble
  2. Iden­ti­fy all para­me­ters which might occur as part of a solu­tion
  3. Analyse solu­tions with regard to the aims and objec­tives of the brief
  4. The best solu­tions are devel­oped and pre­sent­ed at the next lev­el.

The Morphological Chart

This chart shows the var­i­ous thought process of solu­tions for a cab­i­net design.


Com­po­nents Store Pro­tect Access Ener­gy Trans­form
A fixed shelf open stor­age open none
B pull out shelves glass doors hor­i­zon­tal trans­la­tion motor
C adjustable shelves hor­i­zon­tal doors dual trans­la­tion hydraulic
D glass shelf ver­ti­cal doors dual trans­la­tion pneu­mat­ic
E turntable slath door rota­tion hydraulic
F rod fold­ing door rota­tion mus­cle mech­a­nism
G racks ver­ti­cal slid­ing door rota­tion trans­la­tion grav­i­ty
H draw­ers hor­i­zon­tal slid­ing door rota­tion trans­la­tion upward force
I bas­kets none lift off sup­port rods mus­cle lift

These types of matri­ces are most effec­tive when com­bined with sketch­es. (A small thumb nail in each solu­tion box)