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Function analysis

This type of analy­sis helps to deter­mine the skele­ton of the prod­uct or sys­tem in ques­tion. It does not deal with the form ele­ments such as aes­thet­ics, dimen­sions or mate­ri­als. Its place is par­tic­u­lar­ly rel­e­vant with a prod­uct that is rad­i­cal and new in its inven­tion. The design­er must dis­tance them­selves from the prob­lem The key ques­tion to ask when using this sys­tem is:

What is the new prod­uct to do and how could it do this?

It is a method that allows a design­er to take a “Blue sky project” and cre­ate a brief that is much more man­age­able and focussed. It’s an ener­gy saver of sorts.