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Analytic-Systematic methods

Are based on analy­sis and sys­tem­at­ic descrip­tion of a prob­lem. The col­la­tion of inven­to­ry solu­tions, vari­ants to sub-prob­lems and the analy­sis of com­bin­ing these ideas to achieve the best solu­tion.

This method is regard­ed as a sys­tem­at­ic method, because its nature is to step by step solve prob­lems before group­ing them togeth­er again to cre­ate an over­all solu­tion. It is also regard­ed as ana­lyt­ic because var­i­ous prob­lems are solved by cre­at­ing com­par­isons with ana­logue prob­lems.