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Capturing and evaluation of creative sessions

Facil­i­ta­tion of the cre­ative process runs in two very dis­tinct streams. One expe­ri­enced by the Facilitation/Management team and the oth­er expe­ri­ence is that of the cre­ative par­tic­i­pants.

It is impor­tant that the cre­ative par­tic­i­pant stream is com­plete­ly insu­lat­ed from the bumps and glitch­es with­in the Facilitator/Management stream and that they expe­ri­ence a clean­ly run machine with­in which they feel the con­fi­dence to express them­selves open­ly.

Programme Evaluation


Quick Facilitator/Management meet­ings should be held at the end of each ses­sion. These should be stand up meet­ings and should last no longer then 15 min­utes. Focus is on:

  • What worked?
  • Where the sched­uled goals met?
  • What went wrong?
  • How was our indi­vid­ual per­for­mance and as a team?
  • What can we do bet­ter tomor­row?
  • Cre­ative par­tic­i­pant per­for­mance, are their any prob­lem indi­vid­u­als who need greater stim­u­lus?

These meet­ings are not record­ed, they are infor­mal and pure­ly to main­tain the qual­i­ty of the pro­gramme.


Less than 45 minute, Facilitators/Management min­ut­ed meet­ings, which occur week­ly in long pro­grammes or at the end of short pro­grammes. These meet­ings are designed to cap­ture a review of the week/programme based on the ques­tions above while it is still fresh.

Creative Participant Evaluation

Cap­tur­ing feed­back from the par­tic­i­pants through­out the process is vital to the suc­cess of future deliv­ery. Ques­tion­naires should be designed care­ful­ly so they inform the process rather than pure­ly please the pri­or­i­ties of the deliv­ery team, insti­tu­tion or fund­ing body.