Colors of the Social World (Wide Web)

ColourLovers is a great site and ser­vice for those of us who pre­ferred colour palettes to Top Trumps as kids. Check out their arti­cle look­ing at twit­ter user theme colours by state in the USA. Clear­ly the con­ser­v­a­tive states are not hap­py places. 

When a social net­work like Twit­ter allows a user to select a theme to rep­re­sent them­selves in the dig­i­tal world, that user is choos­ing to iden­ti­fy their dig­i­tal per­sona with col­ors… And we want­ed to look at who choos­es what col­ors… If the world is made up of peo­ple and those peo­ple have a col­or pref­er­ence… what then is the col­or of Texas? What col­or are moth­ers? What col­or are we?

Info graphic

Col­ors of the Social Web from CHRO­MAom on Vimeo.