Corrupt Fonts in Microsoft Word on OS X


For awhile now I have been suf­fer­ing from a bad case of microsoft­ness. Every­time I launch an Office app I have been get­ting end­less cor­rupt font errors, which pre­vent the app from open­ing cor­rect­ly. Not sur­pris­ing­ly no oth­er pro­grams are effect­ed it’s just an office prob­lem. I have tried switch­ing to NeoOf­fice and the oth­er con­tenders but Office is by far the best tool for the job.


Took a few search­es and prob­lems but I found the solu­tion here in an arti­cle by Beth Rosen­gard. After read­ing the arti­cle I down­loaded Lino­type which fixed the prob­lem right away no prob­lems no fus and no major trau­ma.

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