Good advice from Anil Dash

I talk to a lot of con­sul­tants, free­lancers, and small busi­ness­es who do web work, and I used to be a free­lancer myself, so some­times I get asked for advice on how to price one’s goods and ser­vices. I think I came up with my best sug­ges­tion today, and it involves only two sim­ple steps:

  1. Slap the client in face.
  2. Tell the client your hourly rate.

If the per­son looked more shocked, hor­ri­fied, offend­ed, hurt, sad­dened, or wound­ed by the slap in the face, then you are still pric­ing your­self too low.
Your mileage my vary, this is not to be con­strued as legal advice, eye-pok­ing may be sub­sti­tut­ed for slap­ping in some states.

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